Today we’re headed to Cabella’s for the morning.  For anyone NOT living in Pennsylvania, Cabella’s is a gargantuan store in Hamburg, kind of like Disneyland for big game hunters.  It’s actually really beautiful, and they have an amazing aquarium & wildlife area, which Katie & Robbie adore.  Victor will be in his personal nirvana of hunting/camouflage/weapons of mass chaos, so all is well there.  

But do not despair, lest you feel Kris is left out of the fun – RUWAH HAH HAH! (as I wring my hands and shriek with glee…)  Because in perhaps the best big game hunting of all, (personally speaking), I heard back from a fantastic lady on Craigslist, who lives near Hamburg, who is selling nine pair of practically-new shoes (Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Nicole Navy and *sob* my beloved Enzo Angiolini’s) for $50 total, and she’s meeting me at Cabella’s for the exchange!  Now THAT is my idea of great hunting – and NO camouflage required!   OH YEAH, BABY!   

Here’s what we’re getting…craigslist shoe pic

Brown & Black Tommy Hilfiger sandles, soooooo comfy
Enzo Angiolini tan 3″heels w/1/2″ platform, trimmed in dark brown
Michael Kors black suede 3.5″ heals w/ 1/2″ platform
Nicole Navy 2.5″ heals w/ 3/4″ platform
Bobbi Blu dark brown leather 2.75″ heel
Indigo black flats with a 1.5″ heel
Alfani pink/purple 3″ wedges
Liz Claiborne black boot shoes – gorgeous!