Had such a fantastic time at the Press Club lunch today!  Had no idea so many people would be there!  Had the pleasure of meeting some v-e-r-y imaginative guys, especially the hysterical people I got to sit with.

How hysterical and imaginative, you ask?  Not everyday you get to chat with the creator of the Naked Folk Singers Calendar!  (not in a typical day in MY life, anyhoo…) Jayne Toohey (world class photographer to all things Main Line), was a total crackup…after hearing about her calendar and worldwide travels, I’m going to beg her to let me carry her luggage on her next trip to Texas…don’t ask! 

Crunch time for the holidays, and I have to squeeze in a day of mega-brownie baking tomorrow.  Lots for family & friends, I was originally thinking we’d do just a few, but suddenly the numbers are really spiking!  A day surrounded by chocolate, sugar & totally cool Christmas music?  There are worse ways to spend 24 hours…  To the ovens!

In addition, AFTER baking brownies, I’m about to undertake a somewhat idiotic self-assigned task.  Emphasis on idiotic.  Considering how blessed FREEZING it is around here lately, and the fact that utility costs are supposed to spike after the New Year, I had (what I thought was) the great idea of sewing everybody really, really, plush snuggies from this pattern that I found online. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing, so long as a minimum of straight sewn lines are required (making this pattern a perfect match for my skills…).  Rather, this is a time issue as, it appears that half of the month of December has vanished in a blink, and now it’s going to require a bit of a sewing CRAZE to complete these presents for everybody. 

I’m going to be making (gulp) eight of them.  Just bought the fabric, with everyone’s favorite colors & themes, I really think this is going to turn out pretty cool.  We’re making them for my Mom & Dad, my sister Lib & her husband Sam & their 4-year old Lilly, 1-year old Ben will get a little plush fleece woobie.   My sister Stacey & her husband Dan will also get them, as well as one for M-I-L Doris & S-I-L Dawn. 

When I made one before, it only took about 3 hours.  So, doing eight of them, we now of course, have another 24-hour assignment ahead of us.  
I luv a challenge…