Okay, things are going great, we’re pretty much on track here.  Brownies are done, baked & boxed, and we’re about 1/3 of the way done with the snuglis.   Don’t get me wrong, love to sew, but had to take a little break from those bad boys. 

And, not trying to get political here or anything, but if any of our terrorist detention centers put in a room filled with sewing machines & ultra-plush fabrics, and made terrorist detainees sew one of these things, they’d be spilling enemy secrets faster than you can say polar fleece.    

So everything’s on track to finish fleeces this afternoon, thrilled at how things were pulling together.  Which is usually the perfect cue for insanity to descend.  Why should today be any different??  Was about to start sewing again when 6-ABC just called, wants to do an interview TOMORROW for “Mary Talks Money”, a new show on the HD Living Well Network. THRILLED for the opportunity, but have NOTHING prepped, & frantic at the thought of letting them in the house, which currently looks like Santa’s Workshop right after the F-5 tornado touched down. ‘Tis the season for miracles, right? Let’s hope so!!! 

So much for sewing this afternoon – don’t you think a snugli would make a perfect NEW YEAR’S present as well?  Valentine’s Day, perhaps??