Hey everybody!  Greetings from Chateau Frugal, where we are wrapping up a fantastic Christmas!  Kids had a great time, Katie & Robbie were properly spoiled to the nth degree, and where my best Christmas present yet has been an early release from Abu Snuglib – yes, the Snuglis are DONE!  The Christmas miracle has happened!    I finished Doris’s (Mother In Law) yesterday, in time for her to unwrap it this morning.  The ones for my two sisters, their husbands, their kids and my parents are FINALLY done as of about 10 minutes ago.  Hallelujah!  Is there an extra star in the East?!  Should be – feels like a miraculous feat has just taken place!

Actually, relatively easy, just VERY time consuming.  Add to that the inevitable Hollywood toss of the huge tray of pins (picked up with one of my son’s magnetic trains) and the equally inevitable multiple stab wounds from same pins, and it was a pretty smooth process. 

Watched “A Christmas Story” today several times over as I was sewing – realize now with horrific amused shock that I am indeed Aunt Clara – on par with the crazy Aunt who sewed Ralphie pink bunny jammies as a Christmas gift.  I’m not QUITE that bad yet, but HEY, Christmas 2010 has all kinds of possibilities, no?!  🙂

A very Merry Christmas to you all!!!  Kris