What an amazing, mind-blowing week. Not the least of which was having a FANTASTIC time at NBC 10 studios on Wednesday for a last minute segment on “The 10! show with Bill Henley!  Such a blast!  Everybody there was so helpful and professional – what a crew!  

Also got to meet the most amazing guests – Leah with Rodale, Inc & Melissa with Cassera Communications, as well the incredibly talented singer Matisyahu, AND his HYSTERICAL entourage (cheers! “wait, WHAT is in those cups?!”) Got some great book orders as a result, and some wonderful networking leads for future gigs – thanks again, Melissa!!

Many, many thanks to Mina Sabet, Producer Extraordinare, for making this happen so quickly, as well as Colleen, the security guys (don’t ask!), Amy the wonder makeup artist, and of course the ultra-professional & friendly Bill Henley, who can look straight into the eyes of a super-caffeinated, fast-talkin’ frugalista without fear. Thanks a million, Bill! Click here to catch the segment!