I stopped by Goodwill this morning looking for running shoes (I swear, I was looking for running shoes…), and instead found GOLD yet again in their back room (the outlet)!

Check out this haul: a gorgeous Costa evening dress, two Talbots light sweaters for springtime, a gorgeous dress jacket, and shoes, shoes, shoes! Evan Picone 3″ heels, as well as a pair of burgundy suede heels and pair of chocolate brown leather pumps.

Total price for everything – $7.50! WOO HOO! (What do you mean, where will I wear an evening dress with three inch heels? What is with the irrelevant questions??? SHEAH!…) Actually, I have a 25-year high school reunion coming up (un-freakin-believable!), and with any luck, I’ll have learned how to walk in the 3″ heels by then. No promises, tho…

Have a great day, everybody!