“Better Philly” segment scheduled for one week from today! SEND IDEAS! Monday, Mar 29 2010 

Getting excited to do “Better Philly” at Channel 17 one week from today! Fantastic opportunity with a great bunch of people!

Any “Brilliant Frugal Living” topics you’d like to see covered that day? Perhaps looking great for less in an ultra-competitive job interview? Saving on groceries? Slashing your clothing budget? Pitch me any ideas you’d like to see covered! Above all else, have a GREAT Monday!


Brilliant Frugal Living segments scheduled for Channel 69 Allentown! Monday, Mar 29 2010 

So excited! Got a call back from Eve Tannery with “69 News at Sunrise”! They want to do regular “Brilliant Frugal Living” segments! Woo hoo! Next BFL spot will be a Mother’s Day Extravanganza in May, with fantastic gift ideas & (get this!) a cooking segment! Scheduled for May 5 – stay tuned & send your ideas!


Fantastic Workshop! Biggest crowd ever, and WHAT a blast! Monday, Mar 29 2010 

Can’t say enough good stuff about the last workshop – a room filled with great stories & experiences from all walks of life! Amazing group of people. If you have the opportunity, definitely hit the Chester County Night School catalog & join them for one of their classes. Every day/night of the week, some great weekend getaway classes – something for everyone!

To Jill Johnson & everyone else at CCNS, thanks again for the great opportunity!

Next BFL workshop – one week from today! Thursday, Mar 18 2010 

Hey everybody! I’m looking forward to the next Brilliant Frugal Living workshop, one week from today! It’s shaping up to be the biggest class yet – so excited! If you’re free on 3/25 from 6:30P-8:30P, I would love to see you there! More details available at this link:

Chester County Night School – Business, Investment & Job Skills Classes


“69 News At Sunrise” interview today! Monday, Mar 15 2010 

Had a fantastic time with “69 News at Sunrise” this morning. What a fun crew! Many thanks to anchors Eve Tannery & Jaciel Cordoba for this opportunity & the invite to come back, as well as John “sure Kris I’ll hold the door while you take 32 trips back to your car” security guy, and FAB cameragal Darcelle. You are all wonderful!

Here’s the link address for those two interviews today!

The Bold & The Beauti-frugal… Wednesday, Mar 10 2010 

Hey everybody! Gorgeous day here, going up to 59, and looks like the snow still lingering in the yard is almost ready to go for GOOD. WOO HOO!

Went to B&B Grocery Outlet for the standard get-you-thru-the-week list o’things, fab prices as expected, then headed down the beauty aisle when they were stocking (*gasp!*) my all time favorite beauty products, Oil of Olay (yes, Kris is an Olay girl…), and they had the ENTIRE Oil of Olay Regenerist Line for 75% off!! OH YEAH BABY! With no poker face whatsoever, let out a yelp of joy, quickly echoed by my five year old daughter, then mimicked perfectly by my two-year old son. We are one subtle bunch when we get hold of a bargain….

Got the Microsculpting Cream, Thermal Scrub, Cleanser and the FAB-FAB-FAB Eye Dermapods (use these once & you’ll never go back, I swear, they’re THAT good). Loaded up with $150 worth of stuff & paid only $34, all because each of the boxes had a little scratch on it. LIKE I GIVE A HONK ABOUT THE BOXES! Not sure if today’s glow is due to the beauty products or the price at which I bought them…and hello, do we care?! A glow is a glow!

Also got 10 HUGE bars of Ghirardelli dark chocolate for .25 each. Need I say more? Basically feeling like I won the frugal lotto this morning. Life is good.

Have a fabulous, exfoliated, chocolaty day everybody! K

FYI – Put this on your calendar – GOODWILL CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE! Sunday, Mar 7 2010 

Hey everybody! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

This news just in from the FAB Goodwill store near me (the one where I got the genuine Prada Handbag earlier this week…for $5).

They are having a “Customer Appreciation Sale” on Friday & Saturday, March 12-13 (Snow dates: March 15-17), at the Morgantown Goodwill ONLY. This is one of the best Goodwills I have ever shopped at. Go once and you’ll be a hopelessly addicted Goodwill groupie as well.

The flyer says:
— New Spring Merchandise
— Great Prices on NEW Toys
— Different Specials Each Day
— Outlet Specials (KLH note: Good GOD, like the prices there aren’t heavenly enough…picture me drooling right now.)
— Lunch Available Saturday.

The Goodwill Store is open 8AM to 8PM, and the Outlet is open from 9:30A to 8:00P. If your schedule is free, DEFINITELY do yourself a favor and come check it out! See you there!

The Frugal Wears Prada! Friday, Mar 5 2010 

As of today, “The Frugal Wears Prada”! WOO HOO! In two very fun trips to Goodwill this week, I got my hands on three Talbots silk sweaters, two Ralph Lauren & Van Heusen sweaters, two gorgeous pair of Georgiu San Angelo slacks (the magic ones, so well made that make you look at least a size smaller), a beautiful chocolate brown suede jacket, a Ralph Lauren clutch, Tommy Hilger handbag, Kate Spade shoulder bag, and *sob!* what I believe to be my long-lusted after Prada Handbag, clearly from “last year’s” collection, but HEY, I’ll forebear!

I’m definitely bringing some of these handbags with me to next week’s Channel 69 interview in Allentown. Can’t wait!

Total spent for all of the above = $14.75! Happy Friday everybody!