As of today, “The Frugal Wears Prada”! WOO HOO! In two very fun trips to Goodwill this week, I got my hands on three Talbots silk sweaters, two Ralph Lauren & Van Heusen sweaters, two gorgeous pair of Georgiu San Angelo slacks (the magic ones, so well made that make you look at least a size smaller), a beautiful chocolate brown suede jacket, a Ralph Lauren clutch, Tommy Hilger handbag, Kate Spade shoulder bag, and *sob!* what I believe to be my long-lusted after Prada Handbag, clearly from “last year’s” collection, but HEY, I’ll forebear!

I’m definitely bringing some of these handbags with me to next week’s Channel 69 interview in Allentown. Can’t wait!

Total spent for all of the above = $14.75! Happy Friday everybody!