Hey everybody! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

This news just in from the FAB Goodwill store near me (the one where I got the genuine Prada Handbag earlier this week…for $5).

They are having a “Customer Appreciation Sale” on Friday & Saturday, March 12-13 (Snow dates: March 15-17), at the Morgantown Goodwill ONLY. This is one of the best Goodwills I have ever shopped at. Go once and you’ll be a hopelessly addicted Goodwill groupie as well.

The flyer says:
— New Spring Merchandise
— Great Prices on NEW Toys
— Different Specials Each Day
— Outlet Specials (KLH note: Good GOD, like the prices there aren’t heavenly enough…picture me drooling right now.)
— Lunch Available Saturday.

The Goodwill Store is open 8AM to 8PM, and the Outlet is open from 9:30A to 8:00P. If your schedule is free, DEFINITELY do yourself a favor and come check it out! See you there!