Hey everybody! Gorgeous day here, going up to 59, and looks like the snow still lingering in the yard is almost ready to go for GOOD. WOO HOO!

Went to B&B Grocery Outlet for the standard get-you-thru-the-week list o’things, fab prices as expected, then headed down the beauty aisle when they were stocking (*gasp!*) my all time favorite beauty products, Oil of Olay (yes, Kris is an Olay girl…), and they had the ENTIRE Oil of Olay Regenerist Line for 75% off!! OH YEAH BABY! With no poker face whatsoever, let out a yelp of joy, quickly echoed by my five year old daughter, then mimicked perfectly by my two-year old son. We are one subtle bunch when we get hold of a bargain….

Got the Microsculpting Cream, Thermal Scrub, Cleanser and the FAB-FAB-FAB Eye Dermapods (use these once & you’ll never go back, I swear, they’re THAT good). Loaded up with $150 worth of stuff & paid only $34, all because each of the boxes had a little scratch on it. LIKE I GIVE A HONK ABOUT THE BOXES! Not sure if today’s glow is due to the beauty products or the price at which I bought them…and hello, do we care?! A glow is a glow!

Also got 10 HUGE bars of Ghirardelli dark chocolate for .25 each. Need I say more? Basically feeling like I won the frugal lotto this morning. Life is good.

Have a fabulous, exfoliated, chocolaty day everybody! K