Hey gang!
Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday prior to the holiday weekend! Over here, I’m so excited! I just had a hysterical talk with none other than Erin Heenan Ley at BlogTalkRadio. This woman is an absolute riot, not to mention busy Mom of three, cancer survivor & hugely successful radio show host, just to name a few of her accomplishments.

She has invited me to join her fantastic (*gulp* nationwide) radio show Tuesday, April 13 from 12:00P-1:00P! (Me? Talk for an hour? … well … yokay!)

One thing I REALLY want to find prior to this show is a discount gourmet grocery near her – she’s located in Long Island, NY. Any frugal bloggers out there living in Nassau County or thereabouts? Any discount groceries / warehouse clubs / thrift stores you can recommend? Send them as a comment here, or shoot them to my e-mail at kristen@brilliantfrugalliving.com
Throw them ALL at me! Thanks so much!

Above all else, have a wonderful weekend! K