Hey gang! Hope your Tuesday is starting off great!

Over here, I’m so excited for today’s Brilliant Frugal Living interview with Erin Ley at Blog Talk Radio! Erin is a complete riot, I’ve had such fun talking with her over the phone just prepping for this interview. Today should be a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to connecting with a nationwide (actually *gulp* worldwide) audience!

To add to the interesting agenda for the day, we still have only one car over here (the Dodge is still in the shop for a busted head gasket). In order to pull off this interview with minimum pain, the kids and I are driving Victor to work, taking the car to run to my folks’ house, having my Mom hang out with the kids between noon-1:00P so I can speak to Erin in a relatively calm environment, running errands after 1:00P, and picking up Victor at 5:00P to bring him back home. Truthfully, all of this IS necessary to ensure the kids are supervised a couple of rooms away during today’s interview. They’re fabulous, but they inherited my LOUD gene, and the last time I tried to conduct an interview on the phone, it was punctuated by Katie’s running report on the big poo our goldfish was doing. (“Mommy! Look! You’ve GOT to see!!! Nemo, you must have had a BIG BREAKFAST! Mommy! Come see!”).

Wish me luck for today, and thanks SO much for all of the ideas you sent in, they were so helpful! If your schedule allows, tune in 12P-1:00P Eastern if you can! If you have a question or just feel like calling in, please give us a shout at 347-637-3044.


Have a fantastic Tuesday, everyone!