Okay, yes, I’m over-compensating for being without a car for a MONTH (stupid freakin’ head gasket…), but I was out AGAIN today, and somehow (heh-heh) swung back to Goodwill, where upon entering I was promptly greeted like Norm on Cheers, bee-lined it to the outlet, and found myself a pair of Lee Riders (ADORE them), … a gorgeous Croft & Barrow blouse, three pairs of beautifully-fitted slacks, and SO dang cute, a red Talbots-Kids dress for Katie (she really needed a new good outfit for church, she’s growing like a weed!). I think she’ll wear it for Mother’s Day coming up – can’t wait to see her together with Robbie when I get him into his new little sportscoat! AAAHHH!!
Total spent: $4.50. Unlike yesterday, no stiletto heels in today’s purchase, but tomorrow IS another day!

ps – also shopped in the “regular” store, and found some FANTASTIC gifts for all the Moms in my life for upcoming Mother’s Day! Got a large Vera Wang handbag (perfect for my Mom), and a Kate Spade clutch perfect for my sister (Godmother to my Katie). ALMOST found an Ann Taylor bag for my sister Libby, but it had a smudge on it, so I put it back. Total spent on handbags: $19. The search continues for the PERFECT gift for Lib, as well as Mother-in-Law Doris!