“Julie & Julia Mother’s Day” segment for Channel 69 is two weeks away, & it’s time to start (1) practicing recipes & (2) making sure I can get them to fit into two 5-minute segments! First segment is “J&J” themed gifts. We’re going with a Julie & Julia movie night, courtesy of the local library, along with a HYSTERICAL DVD of the real Julia Child doing dozens of her “French Chef” shows. Have you ever seen these? They are fantastic! In addition to the movie night, we’ve got a copy of the book that I got from Goodwill for $1.97, AND a copy of Julia Child’s “Mastering The Art of French Cooking”, which looks EXACTLY like the one in the movie, except I got this one at a garage sale for $1. And then, of course, no Julia Child-related gift is complete without the requisite strand of pearls. This strand isn’t real, but it IS beautiful, and purchased from Goodwill in Exton for $2. FAB.

Second segment is a cooking bit with a Julie & Julia dinner. I’m leaning towards Boeuf Bourguignon (heavily mentioned in the movie), with Bavarois aux Fruits (Raspberry Bavarian Cream) for dessert. I’ve been e-mailed by more than one person recommending that we go with lobster for dinner (also heavily mentioned in the movie). To that I say “NO WAY, JOSE!” 🙂

As soon as I have total costs for the dinner & gifts, I’ll post it here, probably closer to the May 5th air date on Channel 69. Until then, Bon Appetit!