Hey gang,
Okay, Day One total = 0.56. Good stuff!
Quick FYIs: When it comes to using cans out of the boxes, I’m going with the standard .05/can ($8 for 155 cans = .05). Also, I refuse to get crazed with pricing out any spices I use. I don’t use that much, and it comes to fractions of a cent, so no worries.

Here’s the breakdown:
Coffee: .15
2 eggs: .08

Can of tuna: .05
Can of green beans: .05

Snack: Can of pineapple = .05

Soup – came out really well! Made of one can crushed tomato, one can mixed vegetables, salt, pepper, oregano, minced garlic, basil. = .10

Chocolate: I’m eating it as I type this. aaaaaaaaaaaaah. = .08

Total for the Day: $0.56. Fun stuff!

Thanks for all of your great feedback & ideas – keep them coming! K