Hey gang!
Okay, Day Two is nearly thru, and here’s our running total for the day:

Breakfast – coffee, two eggs = .23

Lunch – Chef Boyardee Spaghetti & Meatballs. = .05*
*I had a number of emails with (understandable) concern, alarm and downright panic for an experimental diet based primarily on canned foods, due to the sodium/preservatives levels. It should be noted for the record that I received 80% of my daily sodium intake from lunch alone. Can we say “bloaty”? However, over the course of the day, I’m still at only 95% of the RDA for sodium. It works.

Snack – Canned pears, and my beloved 1/2 organic chocolate bar = .13

Dinner – Leftover tomato/vegetable soup from yesterday. = $0.0 (the total cost of the soup was pinned on yesterday…)

And okay, I caved. Got a starvin’-marvin attack & took it out on an unsuspecting can of Dole Fruit Cocktail. Kind of a blur, actually. So we tack on an extra .05 for the day. Yokay, so sue me.

Total for the day: 0.46! Total for the month of June: $1.02. Works!

Keep sending those great suggestions! K