Hey guys! THANK YOU for all of your notes, suggestions & emails! Great stuff.

Super quick, menu for Day Two: keeping it simple, here goes –

— Breakfast – coffee, two eggs

— Lunch – I finally have my own personal chef, folks. And his name is Boyardee. 🙂 Today lunch is Chef Boyardee Spaghetti & Meatballs.

— Snack – Canned (duh) pears, and my beloved 1/2 chocolate bar

Dinner – Leftover tomato/soup (there was a BUCKET left over from yesterday, and it really turned out great).

I received an outstanding comment yesterday regarding concerns for sodium & preservatives in canned foods. Her points were right on target; canned foods are a good fit for cash strapped, but are FAMOUS for adding ingredients that don’t exactly do a body good. If I get my act together, I’ll add sodium counts to today’s menu. A look at the Chef Boyardee label might be touch painful, no?
Keep sending those great suggestions! K