Hi all! Hope you had a great day!
Got more FANTASTIC feedback today, including a great suggestion that we do another challenge down the road in which we go with more home-gardened food & vegetarian protein choices (rice & beans, whole wheat pasta & cheese, etc). Perfect idea for the summer months, can’t wait to attack that one in the future.

I’m also ecstatic looking forward to next week! In addition to an eagerly-anticipated trip into Philadelphia on Tuesday, I’m also connecting with Mary Caraccioli and a “Mary Talks Money” crew on Thursday (out here in Morgantown) to do a piece on B&B Grocery Outlet AND “Buying on Craigslist”! Can not wait for next week. Many thanks to “Mary Talks Money” host Mary Caraccioli for this fantastic opportunity.

Okay, here we go with totals for today – stuck to plan, which is great. Soup turned out terrific, really hit the spot, Robbie even had a bowl of it, so you know it had to be edible!

Breakfast – coffee, two eggs = .23

Lunch – Chef Boyardee Lasagna. I think I’m getting hooked on the stuff. There’s got to be some ingredient in this that gets you craving it, because it is seriously hitting the spot. Mega downside, sodium. My Chef Boyardee-inspired lunches are packing about a 80% RDA sodium punch everyday. But, again, the rest of the day is fruit, eggs, coffee, soup, etc. so we’re sticking under the 100% RDA.
Total cost: .05

Daytime Snack – Canned mandarin oranges = .05 (I haven’t had these since I was a kid! Where have I been, these things are delish!)

Dinner – talk about easy recipes…one can crushed tomatoes, one can pinto beans, one can green beans, one can corn, a tbsp of crushed garlic, and a bunch of salt, pepper, oregano & basil, heat on a low boil for 30 minutes & season to taste. Cost = .20

Nighttime snack – 1/2 Dagoba Organic Dark Chocolate bar (I’m actually eating it as I type this…you gotta love wrapping up the day with chocolate) = .08

Total cost of food for today: $0.61. Total for June: $1.63! Again, a little high, BUT there’s a lot of soup leftover for tomorrow, so it’ll all even out.

So far, right on target from a cost perspective, keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions!