Hey guys! Hope your weekends are going wonderfully!
We’re hitting Day 6 on our lovingly nicknamed “Bomb Shelter” diet, and things are progressing beautifully on plan. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, I went an entire day without Chef Boyardee yesterday, and no black holes tore open in the universe, so I thought I’d try it again in planning today’s menu…

The menu for Day 6 is as follows:

Breakfast – coffee, two eggs = .23

Lunch – Corned beef hash & a side of green beans! I haven’t had CBH in YEARS, and I adore it. Downside: The sodium in this dish could kill a racehorse. Solution: go with half a can (we’ll just count the entire cost of the can today, and if we make a meal of leftovers later on, we’ll count that as $0.0).
Cost (two cans @ .05 each) = .10

Daytime Snack – Can of Dole Pineapple. Aloha!
Cost = .05

Dinner – Exciting switch up in the menu! Found some angel hair low-carb pasta at B&B last week! A 13 oz box normally costs $2.60, I got mine for $0.60! If I boil up 2 oz, it will cost .09. Add some spaghetti sauce (one HUGE can is .05, I’ll use one small portion for .01), and we’ve got something NEW in the menu. Woo hoo!
Cost = .09 + .01 = .10

Nighttime (blogging) snack – I am looking SO forward to my chocolate at night, I truly pity anyone who tries to take it away from me. In the Incredible Hulk, remember what happened to David Banner when they made him angry? I think secretly, behind the scenes, David Banner had too much sodium in his diet….and one night, as he was blogging, someone tried to take away his chocolate. Just a theory. From this point forward, we’re going with a whole chocolate bar each night.
Cost = .15

Total estimated cost of food for today: $0.63.

And the fabulous questions just keep coming from creative bloggers & Facebook friends, and I’m loving them all. One of the most common questions: “With all of those cans, are you recycling?”. The answer is yes! We have a recycling plant about 20 minutes away, and thankfully, it’s en route to a fantastic discount grocery (Glenwood Foods) in Ephrata, so that works well. I can drop off cans once every couple of weeks. I briefly considered taking the money from the recycled cans & applying it to the menu’s daily cost, but realized not everyone can recycle their cans as easily, so we’re keeping it simple.

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions!
Have a great Sunday, everybody! K