Howdy fellow frugalistas & frugalistos – hope the day is treating you great! Over here, a truly shocking, “deflating” development. I lost a pound on this diet! WOO HOO! Truthfully, not eating this way for weight loss, and I’ll NEVER argue or question the forces that help me to lose weight, but truly didn’t expect it! Lovin’ it!

The menu for Day 8 is as follows:

Breakfast – coffee, two eggs = .23

Lunch – necessity (and 20 cans in the inventory) dictates that I return to my culinary love, Chef Boyardee, for lunch. Going with Overstuffed Ravioli.
Cost = .05

Daytime Snack – Can of Dole Peaches.
Cost = .05

Dinner – B&B had their usual sale on pastas (some that cost as much as $2.60/box all selling for .60 a box instead!), so our heroine has some wiggle room in her diet. Going with 2 oz of whole wheat linguine (.09), with a small portion of “Four Cheese” spaghetti sauce that I opened earlier in the week (the entire can was .05, I’m calling this serving .01 worth…)
Total cost: = .10

Nighttime (blogging) snack – my beloved Dagoba organic chocolate bar.
Cost: .15

Total estimated cost of food for today: $0.58.

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions!
Have a great Monday, everybody! K