Forgot to mention, one of today’s big errands was to hit Sam’s Club to replace my car tires. They tell me it’ll take 30 minutes, but an HOUR later he’s STILL not done and I’m totally ticked.

Finally the guy comes out of the garage, all sweaty from exertion, to politely inform me two of the tires were so plugged they wouldn’t come off at first, the third was cemented on with Fix-A-Flat, and the fourth was too dryrotted to come off easily, sorry for the wait… My immediate, idiotic response: “ummmm, which one of those should I use for the spare?”… Their totally professional response – a shocked look and squeaky reply, “really maam, NONE of them!”. Yokay then.

Please note that these were the tires I took to drive everybody to my Mother In Law’s house in Brigantine this past weekend. Yowser.