Good evening frugal friends – as the sun sets on Day 10 of the Frugalista Diet, we are doing GREAT. With the help of blogging frugal foodies with fabulous ideas, we’re getting some great fresh recipe suggestions that will undoubtedly help carry me thru the rest of the month. Thanks, guys!

Menu for today!
Breakfast – coffee, two eggs (why change the perfect breakfast?)
Cost = .23

Lunch – Pasta/bean salad consisting of 2 oz whole wheat rotelli topped with the diced tomato & chiles (they are AMAZING, it’s like instant Mexican food). Added black beans, minced garlic, olive oil, S&P, and oregano. Got a great suggestion to add parmesan cheese, and it put it over the TOP. Thanks, Steve! Best part is that there was PLENTY of this leftover for at least TWO extra meals.
Total cost: .24.

Daytime Snack – Mandarin Oranges. LUV these.
Cost = .05

Dinner – Organic Chicken Broth, with another serving of the pasta/bean salad. Wow, grown up food…ALL day!
Cost = .05

Nighttime (blogging) snack – my beloved chocolate, BUT with a twist! Was at the B&B with the news crew today, and it was SO perfect – we headed down the chocolate aisle just as they stocked about a zillion bars of Scharffen Berger chocolate 82% cacao bars. Normally about $4/bar, these were $0.25 each. SCORE! Grabbed about 10 of those, eating one now. Yep, .25, rather than the usual .15 for the Dagoba bars, but hey, we’re celebrating.
Cost: .15

Total cost of food for today: $0.83.

Have a great night, everybody! Keep sending in those great ideas, comments & suggestions! 🙂