Hi all! It’s Tuesday (beats Monday!), it’s Day 15 (meaning we’re halfway thru!) and it’s Weigh In Day (cue the foreboding music as the camera does a close up on my bathroom scale…)

Okay, weigh went great actually, lost another ½ pound, which TRULY is astonishing given the recent delirious spike in sodium AND carbs. I’ve got a theory on this tho, involving a little psychiatry that has suddenly jumped into this little experiment.

There’s something to be said for entering your pantry, looking at those four boxes of food, and feeling like that is IT for food for the month. It’s an appetite suppressant that the FDA could clear overnight! Now, I’m well aware that I could put the kabash on this experiment anytime and hit the local Chick fil-A for a spicy chicken sandwich & an order of fries (Dear God, so shouldn’t have said that, can drool spark out a keyboard?!). If I quit now, the world won’t stop spinning. But getting into the mindset of someone who is clearly in dire straits, who does NOT have that option, it’s amazing how the focus becomes on making that food last, and damn the hunger pangs. I’m using less cream in my coffee, those cans of Chef Boyardee are great, but kind of small (built more for kids, no?), you eat far less pasta salad when you KNOW you benefit huge financially by leaving leftovers for the next day, and jokes to the contrary, chocolate consumption has actually decreased. It’s kind of interesting, when you think about it.

Okay, no more psychiatric mumbo jumbo, on to the menu for today!

Breakfast – coffee, two hard boiled eggs
Cost = .23

Lunch – More Chef Boyardee. Shaking things up today, going with Beefaroni. Yup, I’m a wild woman.
Cost = .05

Daytime Snack – Watermelon jello with 1 small can of crushed pineapple. Okay, I could just be a jello geek, but the watermelon is KICKIN’. (or it could just be the fruit deprivation talking…)
Cost = .15

Dinner – In the mood for some whole wheat pasta again. We’ll do marinara on this. Counting all of that diced, cooked down tomato & spices as a vegetable or two, yeah sue me. (.09 for 2 oz of pasta, .01 for 1/5 can of sauce, for a total of $0.10)
Cost = .10

Nighttime (blogging) snack – chocolate. No leftovers (a.k.a. no “zero cost” meals) today, so we’ll go with the less expensive Dagoba bar! Remember w-a-y back when we started the challenge, when I said I’d do a HALF chocolate bar a day? (*Snort!* I crack myself up…)
Cost = .15

Total cost of food for today: $0.69.

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions! Loving them all! Heard from someone who wants a picture of the (dwindling) inventory of boxes. I’ll try to get my act together later & put it online, along with my exhausted, used & abused can opener!

Have a great day, everybody! K