Hey guys! Hope you had a great Tuesday!

I mentioned earlier that I lost another 1/2 pound, which is WAY cool, kept on track today as well, life is good! Hitting the Dagoba bar as I type, so life is actually doubly good.

Breakfast – coffee, two hard boiled eggs
Cost = .23

Lunch – Chef Boyardee Beefaroni
Cost = .05

Daytime Snack – Watermelon jello with 1 small can of crushed pineapple. And again, hello JELLO! Lovin’ this stuff.
Cost = .15

Dinner – Whole wheat pasta topped with marinara sauce. (.09 for 2 oz of pasta, .01 for 1/5 can of sauce, for a total of $0.10)
Cost = .10

Nighttime (blogging) snack – Dagoba, baby!
Cost = .15

Total cost of food for today: $0.69.

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions! Loving them all!
Note to the hysterical blogger buddy who wants a picture of the (ever-shrinking) inventory of boxes: I’m still working on getting that picture online, along with the beloved, abused can opener! 🙂

Have a great evening, everybody! K