Hey gang! Happy Hump Day! Don’t usually use that phrase, but considering we’re halfway thru the week, AND halfway thru the Frugalista Diet, thought I’d put it out there!

Breakfast – coffee, ONE hard boiled egg
Cost = .19

Lunch – I gotta do it gang. I’m going to go postal if I don’t have a salad soon. Here’s the deal. Got a great bargain on some gorgeous Romaine lettuce (I LOVE summer for all the produce!). Three heads of romaine for $2.09. That translates to .71 per head. Each head has about 15 leaves, so that’s $0.04/leaf (don’t mock me yet, I’ve only just begun!). Five leaves of romaine is .20, plus the egg I saved from breakfast (0.04), plus some chick peas (I’ll count the whole can today & use leftovers as 0.0), some tuna (same deal, I’ll only use part of a can now, but I’ll count the whole can now & do leftovers as 0.0 later on). My favorite dressing on earth is Brianna’s Ginger Mandarin dressing. Usually $4.99/bottle, I get it for $0.75 at B&B. Now, little salad = just a little dressing. One TBSP is 1/32 of the bottle, so the cost is 1/32 of $0.75, which = $0.02. So the total cost of my gorgeous, gotta-have-it salad is $0.36, which is a mega-whammy cost-wise, BUT I’ve got some great tuna & chick pea leftovers to use for future salads!
Cost = .36

Daytime Snack – Lemon jello with ½ can fruit cocktail!
Cost = .13

Dinner – Loving the pasta at night, really hits the spot. 2 ounces whole wheat rotini with 1/5 can of sauce.
Cost = .10

Nighttime (blogging) snack – chocolate. With the monster salad cost earlier, we’re going with the less expensive Dagoba.
Cost = .15

Total cost of food for today: $0.94. Yowser, most expensive day yet! But still under $1 for the day, AND I get my salad. Everyone’s a winner.

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions! Loving them all! And here’s a topic that keeps coming to me via bloggers, so I’ll pass it on to you as well – “What is YOUR favorite food that helps you stay on track with an eating plan?” (And how low can Kris go in finding it or creating it for next to nothing?…. hmmmmm…)

Have a great day, everybody! K