Hey everybody! Happy Thursday – Hope your week is going GREAT.
Mentioned my near-nirvana salad yesterday, real groundbreaker with the diet. Fabulous, frugal & totally hit the spot. Check out yesterday’s blog for details. AND I had plenty of leftover ingredients. With all of the ingredients (all opened cans) counted and costed out yesterday, the leftovers count as $0.0 today, so that should bring today’s costs back down nicely.

Also, I’m running out of fruit. Really close, just a couple more cans to go. Time to hit the fresh stuff, which means a mongo spike in the cost of daily menu totals. Until that fateful day, I’m trying to ration it out by mixing it into sugarfree jello. So far, so good!

Menu for today!
Breakfast – coffee, ONE hard boiled egg
Cost = .19

Lunch – I came across some fantastic organic hot dogs yesterday! At the B&B Discount Grocery, of course. If that place ever vanishes from the earth I’m going to lay down & CRY. Pack of 8 cost $0.99 (about $0.12 each). I’m going to try them today, if I like them, I’m heading back to clean them out. Keep your fingers crossed. If I eat one hot dog, that’ll cost $0.12, plus a can of pork & beans for 0.05.
Cost = .17

Daytime Snack – cherry jello, plain. No fruit, let’s see if I can stretch the fruit out a bit!
Cost = .10

Dinner – Doing another Chef salad, but this one will cost MUCH less than yesterday! 5 leaves of Romaine Lettuce will cost $0.20, one egg that I got from breakfast is $0.04, leftover tuna & chick peas from yesterday cost $0.0, and salad dressing costs $0.02.
Cost = .26

Nighttime (blogging) snack – chocolate. Again, keeping costs low, we’re going with the less expensive Dagoba.
Cost = .15

Total cost of food for today: $0.87. Again, a bit high, AND I’m running low on fruit. If I have to go to fresh stuff, it’s going to take daily totals over $1 pretty easily. Time to brainstorm. In those four boxes of cans, I DO have a huge can of Dole Pineapple juice. Could be time to open that up and have a small glass a day to keep the fruit intake up while keeping the costs down. Just a thought.

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions! Loving them all! Getting lots of responses back as to bloggers & FB friends’ favorite “dieting” foods – that which keeps them on track and the eye on the ball. Top answers: salads (oh, yeah), sugarfree gum, pickles, coffee, and one kindred spirit who said “sugarfree jello”!. Two people offered other ways of staying on track – one swears by a long walk each day (I love that too, Maureen! I do it with my kids every chance I get.) and another shops for shoes whenever she gets restless in a diet, swearing they keep her motivated to get into a slinky little number to celebrate in when she hits her goal weight! Erika, you are my kind of dieter! Hit your local Goodwill!

Have a great day, everybody! K