Hey there frugal muchachos! You made it – it’s FRIDAY! WOO HOO!
I don’t have anything too crazy in the way of weekend plans; Katie’s T-Ball season is done, so that adorable activity is shelved until next year. Might work on Robbie’s room a bit, but if the weather stays this fab, I’ll probably put a kabash on all productive activities and just spend as much time outside with the kids as possible. I was just going over old blogs & Facebook entries when we were getting that mountain of snow last winter. To read that, then go outside…wha? What am I supposed to do now, clean indoors or something? I think not…

Menu for today!

Breakfast – coffee, two hard boiled eggs
Cost = .23

Lunch – One organic hot dog, and some green beans. I’m going to try to stretch out the tuna inventory to cover a few more salads in the next couple of weeks.
Cost = .17

Daytime Snack – Peach jello, with (canned, obviously) diced peaches added. ½ can only, trying to stretch out the fruit!
Cost = .10

Dinner – Would love another salad, but it is pretty blessed pricey. Other stuff that goes that high in price (soups, etc) at least yield me some leftovers (that cost ZERO) the next day! Going for soup again – one can vegetable broth, one can pinto beans, one can vegetables. Will no doubt give me TONS of leftovers, and only costs $0.15!

Nighttime (blogging) snack – chocolate. Again, keeping costs low, we’re going with the less expensive Dagoba.
Cost = .15

Total cost of food for today: $0.80. Would love to keep this number under $0.80, but after today, I’ll have leftover soup and that should bring the final number back down. Here’s hoping…

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions! They’re fantastic and often have me laughing hysterically!
Ricca, I have not forgotten your request for an updated photo of the dwindling supply of food – I swear I’ll get that up shortly.
Ben, thanks for the idea on me playing on the jungle gym with my kids at the park for a “fun” workout. Everything at our local park is certainly built for an adult, I’ll give you that – my feet are well above the ground on the monkey bars & hanging ropes, and I’m 5’9”!
However, when it became my turn to go across the monkey bars, I discovered that my upper arm strength was pretty much what it was 30 years ago in middle school – pathetic – only made it two bars and was thrilled at that, before dropping off and almost writhing in agony on the ground.
The cutest part – some of the kids then jumped in to show me how it’s done (“Here, SEE! Look at ME Katie’s Mommy! You do it like THIS! Watch me! Are you watching?! It’s EASY!”), and scrambled across the bars like the little wiry acrobats they naturally are. “Uh, yeah, I see you, thanks Max…and Duncan…and Pete…and little girl who I don’t know the name of, thanks everybody…”

In the interest of not scaring the young any further, I went home to my Chef Boyardee. That’s close enough to elementary school activities for me, thanks much.

Have a great day, everybody! K