I just cut my finger on a freakin’ can of green beans! How the hell did I just do this???

Okay, you KNEW this was going to happen on this month’s Challenge, but this REALLY FREAKIN’ HURTS! ARGH! It just came out of nowhere, I opened the can like I always do, I just turned for a second when the phone rang! HOW did my finger slip over the sharp @$#(*@#%& edge like that?! THIS REALLY SMARTS! Do the price of “mongo-huge, staunch the bleeding on this sissy girl” Band Aids count in the price of food for the challenge?! MAN this sucks….

Ooh, and the way it felt when the can cut my finger, heebie-jeebie-heebie-jeebie, shake-it-off-shake-it-off-shake-it-off! DANG!