Hey everybody – hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. And to all the Dads, step-Dads, Granddads & Dad Role models out there, Happy Father’s Day! Hope you’re being spoiled rotten.

Medical alert here – (not even a) 24-hour bug is gone, woke up feeling great. Finger is healing nicely, and TA-DA!!! I’m having COFFEE! Might even have some chocolate to go with it, just to celebrate. We’ll see.

Having eating (therefore spent) next to nothing on food yesterday, the diet budget is in even better shape, which is fantastic. The one and only big red flag here is the fruit inventory, which is really dwindling. Trying to cut down fruit consumption by using only a half-can (often in fruit jello, way yummy), and then upping the veggie consumption, because I have a ridiculous amount of vegetables left, so that works. If I ever need to start hitting the fresh fruit, the menu-cost-per-day is really going to jump. I’ve heard some great ideas from bloggers & fellow Facebookers on how to obtain fruit for next to nothing. Around here in Chester County, our properties are CRAWLING with berry bushes, alas, they won’t be ready to pick for another 4 weeks. A few people nationwide that I’ve heard from live close enough to orchards that they get fantastic rates on fruit that they pick themselves (.25/pound for apples in Washington State for blogger Leah, outstanding!). Then there is, of course, the “Produce Down Under” tactic that I use constantly at my local supermarket (where the mgmt sells yesterday’s produce for up to 75% off in discreet floor-level boxes in the Produce Section). Melanie from Virginia suggested that I hit a local orchard for “drops” – fruit sold by the orchard for next to nothing (apples, pears, plums, peaches) because it’s got a bruise or something. All great advice, thanks everybody!

Menu for today!

Breakfast – coffee, two hard boiled eggs
Cost = .23

Lunch – I’ve got that leftover soup from Friday that I think will be fantastic on the tail end of whatever stomach bug I just had. AND, it’s free! Woo hoo!
Cost = .0

Daytime Snack – Lemon jello, no fruit added (I’m becoming a jello addict. I love this stuff.)
Cost = .10

Dinner – Trying the can of organic chicken broth again, might have some vegetables with it on the side, just for something light.

Nighttime (blogging) snack – BACK TO CHOCOLATE! Thank you God.
AND, in celebration of Father’s Day, and getting rid of this stomach bug, and finger healing (and HEY, do we REALLY need an excuse for chocolate?), I’m going with the big ‘ol Scharffen Berger, baby!
Cost = .25

Total cost of food for today: $0.58. Really loving it when the numbers stay under $0.70/day, so this works beautifully.

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions! Happy Father’s
Day, everybody! K