Hey guys! Tuesday is DONE. Just had some mongo huge severe thunderstorms come thru, no damage tho, as well as a tornado warning, but thankfully no twister. Also, stayed on plan today, high on the fact that I’m down 2.5 pounds for the month. Life is GREAT. Just packed all of the remaining cans into ONE box, so you KNOW we’re seriously counting down in this last 8 days of The Frugalista Challenge. Amazing.

Menu for today!

Breakfast – coffee, two hard boiled eggs
Cost = .23

Lunch – Chef Boyardee Lasagna.
Cost = .05

Daytime Snack – Lime jello with half-can of pineapple.
Cost = .10

Dinner – 2 oz whole wheat rotini & 1/5 can of sauce.
Cost = .10

Nighttime (blogging) snack – I seriously INTENDED to go with the smaller Dagoba bar, honestly, I did. However, I’m so happy to be down 2.5 pounds in three weeks, that I’m celebrating with the larger Scharffen Berger bar. Welcome to my mind.
Cost = .25

Total cost of food for today: $0.73.

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions. As we race towards July, and my desire for another fun Challenge refuses to abate, I’m leaning seriously towards a Challenge in which I spend LESS for utilities this July than I spent last July, despite a 30% rate increase from PP&L…hmmmm, could be fun!

Have a great evening, everybody! K