Hello to all! For those of you who have electricity, internet & cable access in your homes, I despise you. Okay, “despise” is a strong word…as in “I DESPISE PP&L employees who jerk me around with estimates on when my electric will be back up & running”…
Latest estimate is that we’ll have power back at the house at 9:30P. That could work. If it’s true. As off right now, mooching electric with complete abandon and without shame in my parents’ house. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Also, a major cave-in for the diet. In my electricity-denied state, I crumbled and bought a cup of coffee at Wawa today. They had air conditioning and everything. I was seduced in moments. They had me at “hello…”. My shame at this budget-blowing purchase knows no bounds, kind of like the how the desperation of my caffeine-denied brain knew no bounds. Blew $1.29 on a coffee, and never looked back. I am shallow, I am addicted, I am ashamed. And as I drank my Wawa Columbian coffee this morning, I was reborn. WOO HOO!

Menu for today!

Breakfast – coffee, two hard boiled eggs (Thanks Mom & Dad!)
Cost = .23

Lunch – organic, low-sodium chicken broth, and a can of mixed veggies.
Cost = .10

Daytime Snack – Strawberry jello, courtesy of Mom & Dad’s refrigerator.
Cost = .10

And here, in the lowly hours of the afternoon, sleep-deprived & on the road trying to get to my folks’ house in one piece so I could mooch their electricity, I did it. I caved. The siren’s song of the Wawa Convenience Store called to me as if in a dream. I walked in, saw the dozen individual burners all smelling like different rooms in heaven (here’s the room in Heaven that smells like French Roast, here’s the room in Heaven that smells like Columbian…). Grabbed my Regular, dumped in half & half & two Splendas, and shelled out enough money to pay for almost two days of food. Truthfully, I’m trying to sound sorry for it, but I’m honestly still on a rush right about now. Let’s see what my mood (remorseful? Not remorseful?) is like tomorrow.
Cost: $1.29

Dinner – did rice & beans at my parents’ house. Lots of leftovers. Awesome.
Cost = .15

Nighttime (blogging) snack – And yes, in my continued financial abandon, even despite my horrific slip up with convenience store coffee, I’m doing the monster Scharffen Berger Bar. And he who tries to take it from me shall draw back a stump. Enjoy the visual.
Cost = 0.25

Total cost of food for today: $2.12. yes, I should be tazered by the frugalista police.

Keep sending in your thoughts, ideas & suggestions. Here’s praying the power’s back on by this time tomorrow! 🙂