Hey guys! Hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend!

Okay, quick update regarding July’s Frugalight Challenge. The official switchover to Dominion (as the electric supplier) is going to be July 8th. After that point, we should be saving 15% on our electric bill. Great stuff. If the numbers prove true, it’ll be a huge help in reversing the financial whammy of our recent 30% rate increase by PP&L, as well as a big help in hitting Operation Frugalight’s Goal: to get the next bill down to a lower number than July of last year.

I’m also using power strips on the computers. If what I’m hearing is true, I’m going to want to stab myself for all the money I’ve wasted over the years leaving my computer on when I’m asleep/out of the house. Serious ding in the Frugalista Badge on that one. My bad.

Also, the weather. Hello. Freaking hot. Emphasis on freaking. The upside to this is that laundry on the clothesline goes from soaking wet to bone dry in about 14 minutes. Okay, not that fast, but much faster than say, a cool day in March. That’s the good news. The bad flip side to this is that it’s going to about 100 degrees today, and thou shalt not deny me my air conditioning. Another serious ding in the Frugalista Badge, I’m well aware, and yet, I’m willing to take the hit.

Okay, so good stuff is that Dominion will be throwing me a serious bone in the electric bill starting July 8, power strips are running on the computers, and I have absolutely NO need for my clothes drier, considering the temperature in my backyard would suggest I live about 2 miles from the surface of the Sun. Downside is the air conditioning required to keep The Frugalista cool and uncranky.

How are you guys beating the heat? I’ve got our air conditioning set in the mid-70’s – what do you set yours at? If you aren’t connected with PP&L, who is your electric supplier, and what do you think of their service / rates? Send any and all advice on beating the heat, especially if you’ve got kids in the house. Do you hit an airconditioned mall once a week? Perhaps a bookstore or the library? Would love to hear your ideas!

Stay cool, everybody! K