Hey everybody! Hope your week is going great!

I’ve stumbled upon a utility-related website that I felt was appropriate to mention during our Frugalight Challenge. It’s an energy-analyzer that can tell you pretty much what every, single appliance in your home (from freezer to hairdryer) will cost you to run & use. You go in thinking you’ll spend 30 seconds to determine what a new hot water heater would save you, and suddenly you’ll become obsessed by how much the light in the fridge is costing you whenever you open the door! (or maybe that’s just me).

Anyhoo, if you’re curious at ALL as to what your appliances (Big screen TV vs. little regular model) are doing to your budget, have a click onto this site & see what you’re paying. Could be eye-opening (or at the very least, an excellent reason to put off that big-screen for just ONE more year…)

Question for you – what are YOUR biggest energy hogs? Were they the ones you thought (clothes dryer, dishwasher), or were you surprised by something new? Would love to hear your findings!

Have a great day, everybody! K