Hey guys! It feels wierd not doing daily updates on Operation FrugaLight (like we did with The Frugalista Diet). Hope everybody is doing great!

Well, so far, so good. Thermostat is tweaked, and as of July 8th, the power has been switched to a lower-cost supplier. I’m psyched to see the impact that’ll have on the bill.

Something I neglected to mention before – I’ve replaced dozens of light bulbs in the house with those new curly-cue ones that are supposed to save tons of power. Between all of the above, and drying clothes on the clothes line & keeping dishwasher use to a bare minimum (once every two weeks to keep it in shape), I’m hoping that’ll do the trick to reduce the bill to LESS than last July. Keep your fingers crossed!

What I need more than anything is your great tips – the more “outside the box” the better! What’s worked best? What do you keep your thermostat at? Do you have central air or window airconditioners… perhaps no air conditioners at all? What is your biggest energy hog, and how do you tame it in the summertime? Send any and all tips, advice, stories of theories & strategies gone right (and wrong!).

You all stay cool out there! 🙂