Hey gang! Happy (almost) Friday!
Okay, I knew this would happen one year, and this was the year. Katie had a last minute request for a costume change. Up until a day ago, she was totally hip to the Snow White costume, couldn’t wait to wear it. I had the candy ready, thought we were set. I should’ve known things were going much too smoothly.

As of yesterday, she wanted to be “Jessie” from Toy Story 3. I should have seen this coming, truly I should have. She received a Jessie doll for her birthday, and she’s been inseparable from it ever since. HOWEVER, with ready-made Jessie costumes running $30 and up (for 2 hours time collecting candy? don’t think so…) it was quickly obvious a “Plan B” might be called for. I had some friends & family recommend I make Katie stick with the Snow White costume, but in my mind, that skirted a bit close to a “No Wire Hangers!” zone. The kid is six, for crying out loud. Between that, and not wanting a posthumous bestseller written about my evil ways in 50 years or so, I thought I’d give Costume #2 a shot. For added humor, I tried something a bit daring (read: idiotic, given my lack of sewing skill). Making one myself.

In truth, a Jessie costume is MUCH easier to make than say, a Belle costume from Beauty & the Beast. A quick study of Katie’s Jessie doll told me it started with a pair of blue jeans and a white turtleneck. No problem. The rest seemed to require just a comfy red cowboy hat, a bit of yellow felt, some red cord, and some cowprint material for over her jeans.

The dollar store was the first stop, and sure enough, they had the red hat, along with the red decorative cord to sew onto the yellow felt. Fab. There’s $2. Believe it or not, I had some yellow felt from God-knows-what project sitting under my bed along with my ancient embroidery thread. I used to do cross stitch embroidery, but since one of those projects requires having more than 90 seconds at a time to focus on it, I haven’t touched it since having kids.

The only thing I needed to grab from the craft store was the cowprint fabric, and Joann Fabric had exactly what I needed. I only required ¼ yard, so that piece of material cost $0.99.

Headed home, and hand stitched the white thread around Katie’s dollar store hat. Super simple. Then, with nary a straight cut OR straight stitch, was able to piece the rest of the costume together with only about an hour’s work. The collar drapes over the turtleneck like a little poncho, the wrist bands pin on with safety pins, the cowprint is sewn very loosely onto the jeans, and will easily snip off when Halloween is done! (Close up shots of my sewing machine stitchery getting the red cord on will show EXACTLY how little skill I possess at this). Et voila!

If you get any last minute requests for costume changes, give it a shot. You’d be surprised how delighted your youngster will be over completely uneven stitches and floppy wristbands. FYI, she now wants to wear her costume to bed. I think we pulled it off. Happy Halloween, everybody!