BFL Grandmas Short Story from 1931

Hey all! Happy Friday!

A completely non-frugal blog on tap for today!

Today’s blog is about a fabulous, very hip lady, and a role model of mine – my Grandmother! When this amazing, go-getting, great lady passed away a few years back at the age of 95, as my Dad was organizing her things, he came across a short-story she wrote back in 1931!

It was a wonderful, journal-type bit of storytelling, detailing her first weeks as a Prairie schoolteacher in South Dakota. Considering I’m a huge Laura Ingalls fan, the similarities between my very hip Grandma and Laura Ingalls were fantastic. Despite starting their teaching careers over 50 years apart (Laura Ingalls started her teaching career in 1873, and my Grandmother had her first teaching job in 1926), the similarities detailed in Grandma’s story are amazing – teaching all classes to all ages of students, boarding with the students’ families at two week intervals until the term was finished, riding in horse-driven wagons to get from place to place, etc.

Today would have been Grandma’s 102nd birthday. As a birthday present, I thought I’d “publish” her story and make her story available to everyone courtesy of the magic of the internet.

Enjoy this fantastic story, by Author Lillian Mack Herreid – and Happy Birthday, Grandma!
Love you! K

ps – Happy Birthday from your Great-granddaughter, Katherine Lillian Hagopian