Winners! Sunday, Nov 14 2010 

Amelia Side Dish Contest Recipes 03 version

Hey gang! After an amazing weekend filled with peeling, chopping, cooking & baking, I can honestly say without a doubt that Amelia’s shoppers are some of the finest cooks on earth. The recipes sent in were incredible! Such clever touches, amazing spices, incredible ideas for depth of flavor – no wonder these recipes are family favorites!

Each and every one of these recipes deserves a place of honor at their family tables – and it took a tremendous effort to finally narrow down the winners in each category. However, I think we finally pulled it off.

The winners of each category – who have just been alerted via email – are:

Cranberry Sauce: Holly C. Souders, for her “Not Your Everyday Cranberry Sauce”

Stuffing: Marie Laboranti, of Denver, PA, for her Italian Sausage Stuffing

Green Vegetable: Michelle Tonkin, of Harrisburg, PA, for her Creamy Peas

Sweet Potato: Doris Pugh,, for her amazing sweet potato recipe.

White Potato: Gayla Boyer,, for her Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Starchy Vegetable: Veronica Vaughan, for her melt-in-your-mouth corn pudding

Last but not least, Desserts: Connie Martello, of Lancaster, PA, for her incredible Pumpkin Pie recipe

Every single recipe that was submitted has been compiled into a “Amelia’s Thanksgiving Side Dish Cookbook” (seen at the top of the page here in the “Amelia’s Side Dish Recipes” attachment), and will be featured in an email sent out to Amelia’s 7000+ email list, as well as on my Facebook page and Amelia’s Facebook page. The recipes will also be featured on my upcoming guest shot on Allentown’s WFMZ “69 News at Sunrise” with Eve Tannery – I can’t wait to show them off!

Many thanks to the brilliant home cooks who shared their family favorite recipes with me. It was an honor to create them & taste them – it’s easy to see why they’re a hit.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanksgiving Recipe Contest at Amelia’s Grocery Outlet! Friday, Nov 5 2010

Calling all fellow Amelia’s Grocery Outlet Fans!

As the Spokesperson for Amelia’s Grocery Outlet, I’m delighted to invite you to share your best Thanksgiving side-dish recipes, in a contest sure to bring out the gourmet chefs in this distinguished crowd!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I cordially invite you to contribute the recipes for your most family-famous Thanksgiving side-dishes, the ones that get rave reviews year after year!
The winners will have their dishes featured in my Tuesday, November 16th live segment on Allentown’s popular Morning Show “69 News at Sunrise” with Eve Tannery & Jaciel Cordoba! Your recipe will also be the highlight of a special Thanksgiving-edition blog on Brilliant Frugal Living, read Nationwide by thousands! Best of all, the winning recipe in each category will receive a $25 Amelia’s Grocery Outlet Gift Card, to be used at any of Amelia’s convenient locations across Southeastern PA!

(1) Submit your recipes to straight to me at

(2) The recipe has to fall into one of these categories: (you may enter as many recipes, in as many categories as you wish!)
• Sweet Potatoes/Yams
• White Potatoes
• Cranberry
• Bread and/or Rice Stuffing
• Green Vegetable
• Starchy Vegetable (corn, squash, etc.)
• Dessert

(3) The recipe has to be created from ingredients all purchased at Amelia’s Grocery Outlet. Ready-made items (such as cranberries) and semi-made (like stuffing mixes, ready to bake pie crusts, cake mixes, etc) can definitely be used as part of the recipe! The easier, the better!

(4) The recipe has to serve at least 4. This will make it easy for small Thanksgiving parties to create, and easy to double for larger crowds!

(5) The recipe has to be submitted by 5:00P Thursday, November 11th (this will give me a week to test them out!).

Recipes will be rated by taste, creativity, cost per serving, and how long it takes to prepare.

Big insider information hint: If you haven’t already, get yourself to Facebook and “like” Amelia’s Grocery Outlet! Not only will I be entering DAILY status updates as to where I am with recipes, but connecting with Amelia’s via Facebook is a fabulous way to stay updated on their latest sales! you don’t have access to Facebook, no worries, the winners will be announced via email when the contest is complete!

That’s it, folks – so let’s get started! Send me those recipes as soon as possible – I can’t wait to test them!

Best of luck to you all, and Happy Thanksgiving from me, and everyone at your local Amelia’s Grocery Outlet!

Kristen Hagopian
Spokesperson, Amelia’s Grocery Outlet
Author / Owner, Brilliant Frugal Living

Kristen Hagopian is the local author of “Brilliant Frugal Living”, the only book on the market that guarantees you will save you thousands of dollars in one year’s time, or your money back! Kristen lives with her husband and two kids in their as-of-yet-unfinished fixer upper in Chester County, PA. Her book is available at, is downloadable to Kindle, and can be ordered at her website

Halloween Hangover! Monday, Nov 1 2010
Hey gang! Heard an interesting statistic and had to share.

It was reported this morning that the average American spent $66 this year on Halloween, between costumes and candy. The average family spent over $100!

Our household spent $15 total: $5 on costumes for 2 little people, and another $10 in candy/gifts/craft supplies that we donated to Katie’s Kindergarten party. (We then hightailed it to my folks’ far-more-houses-per-acre neighborhood & trick or treated there!).

How did your Halloween compare to the national average? Any great money-saving tricks (or treats) you’d like to share that worked FABULOUSLY this year? Inquiring frugal minds want to know!