Day 2 total: $9.65. Total for the month: $19.21!
Hey gang! Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday. Here at Chez Frugalista Central, the snow is almost completely melted, so all is well in my world.

As for the Challenge, Day Two is wrapping up and I’m still (barely) under the daily budget of $9.67/day (a.k.a. $300/month). Granted, two successful days does not a 31-day challenge make, but still, an excellent start. My only complaint so far – I no longer feel at liberty to snag a bag of snacks after the kids to go bed to veg out on the sofa, as it would torpedo me out of the allotted budget. This said, I’m hoping the memories of ridiculous amounts of food consumed in December shall hold me over… I’m hoping.

Here’s today’s menu breakdown!

Sunday Breakfast – $3.75
Around here, Sunday calls for a special breakfast. (Read, Mom’s going to cook something that will likely be eaten off actual plates. With cutlery.) Today, I did the French Toast routine. Almost a whole loaf of bread, one dozen eggs, four tablespoons cooking oil, and maple syrup came to $3.50 total. Had some leftovers, which is FABULOUS, they’ll reheat beautifully next week for fast breakfasts. Tack on my morning coffee for .25, and breakfast was on the table for $3.75. Sweet.

Kids Lunch/Snack: $2.10. The kids had leftover pasta from last night (free), and we all had snacked on fruit for the afternoon (apples & bananas). Total cost: $2.10

Adult Lunch – $.50. grilled cheese sandwich for significant other. As for my lunch, flashbacks of indulgence during the Christmas season had me hanging with a cup of coffee & my snack apple later that afternoon. It actually really did the trick, and I was properly ravenous for dinner. Total cost: $.50.

Dinner: $3.36 — Made a HUGE batch of chicken corn soup with a half pound of chicken breast ($1), two cans of corn ($1), rice (.25), and bouillon cubes (.06), thrown into a pot with 10 cups of water. Boiled the whole thing for about a half hour, pureed half of it in the food processor to give it a good stew-like quality, et voila! The kids loved it, it was perfect for a rainy evening, and there are JARS leftover for lunches later this week (I think I’ll freeze some of it for later this month as well – if I start going over budget, we’ll do this “free” soup for a couple of dinners as well). You just HAVE to love soup. Adults got a salad as well (some sliced iceberg & a touch of dressing for .50, had GREAT crunch appeal). We also had lots of leftover cake from yesterday, which I costed out at .50 per evening. and dinner was on the table for $3.31. Great stuff, I am SO loving the leftovers.

So there we have it, another day of fine dining at Chez Frugalista, and a household of four people is fed for $9.65! Also, HUGE thanks to fellow frugalistas, who in the last 24 hours have sent me six different recipes for fabulous inexpensive stews, soups & casseroles – THANKS SO MUCH! Keep them coming!

Day 2 total: $9.65. Total for the month: $19.21!