Amelia’s Grocery Outlet Link!
Day 3 Total: $9.49. Total for the Month: $28.70! WOO HOO!

Happy Monday, fellow Frugalites! Okay, it’s the first Monday of the New Year, and the day after a big vacation (for many) to boot. Rough transition, trust me, I get it. This morning, my Kindergartner (and school lover, I might add), repeatedly made me count off the 11 vacation days she had off to make sure they actually took place. The look on her face as she got out of the car and walked into school was, let’s just say, somewhat unenthusiastic.

That being said, I wanted to plan some fun food to reward kids & adults alike for jumping into the New Year with (I’m sure I’ll see it ANY minute) gusto. With that in mind, here was the Menu and cost breakdown at Chez Frugalista for the day!

Breakfast – $0.40
Leftover Heaven – we had lots of French toast from yesterday, I split 3 slices between the kids & topped with maple syrup. As for the adults, significant other & moi each had two hard boiled eggs. Fast, fabulous protein, and inexpensive. Three of my favorite adjectives… Total cost: .40

Lunch/Snack: $2.84 – Katie had her lunch at school, consisting of apple juice box (.10), cheesy crackers for snack (.10), PB&J for lunch (.30), and two all natural, no preservatives added cookies (.15). Robbie and I had leftover chicken corn soup for lunch ($0). Hubby had the usual brown-bag lunch of one pound of fruit to snack on (bananas, in this case: .39), and a can of tuna for lunch (.50). When Katie got home, I sliced up apple for she & Robbie to enjoy before dinner ($1.30)

Dinner: $6.25 – It’s a Monday, I worked like a crazy lady, and my deep lust for cheesy, meaty lasagna could be ignored no longer. Amelia’s Grocery Outlet sells the Buitoni line of frozen Italian foods, and if you haven’t tried it, trust me, the Lasagna ($4.99) is to die for. Absolutely tastes homemade, the noodles are firm, not mushy, the spices are superb, it’s ultra cheesy, the kids love it, and it’s ready in no time. The 2 pound, 6 ounce package makes four HUGE servings of over a half pound each, which was more than enough to provide leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Added garlic toast for .25 (two slices ww bread toasted, olive oil brushed on top, sprinkled with granulated garlic) along with small salads of iceberg lettuce & a spritz of dressing (.50), and finished up with homemade cake for dessert (.50). Total for the meal: $6.25

Day three is complete for 9.49, and I won’t lie to you, I’m SERIOUSLY missing my usual evening snack. If I don’t have something to crunch on some night this week, I’m going to freak out. I’m thinking air popped popcorn. It costs next to nothing and would totally hit the spot. Even a big bowl would cost only about $.10, and butter on top would tack on another .25. Okay, only .35. This is workable. And now I’m totally jonesing for it – I’ll do it later this week.

Okay, so I’m keeping it under the $9.67 maximum, barely. Barely counts! WOO HOO! I think I’m going to have to kick it into high gear with delicious soups & casseroles to really keep everybody well fed AND get some wiggle room in the numbers – I’d love to have a day or two that comes in for under $8. Keep those great recipe emails coming!

Day 3 total: $9.49. Total for the month: $28.70!