Amelia’s Grocery Outlet
Total for Today: $9.05, Total for Month: $46.76!

Hey everybody! Can’t believe the way the week is flying. I’m on deadline for two articles, and all I can think of is having more popcorn tonight. Gotta focus! (right after my popcorn… ahhhh).

Okay, Day 5, nothing too crazy to report. No big bumps in the road. I’m getting some great ideas from people on menu ideas, absolutely delish – salad nights, pasta nights, soup, stew & casserole recipes, etc.

Okay, in a nutshell, managed today for $9.05, total for the month is $46.76. Considering the daily budget limit was $9.67 per day, it’s great accumulating a little wiggle room in the budget in case I do a baked chicken in a few days or something.

Here’s the Menu:
My coffee, coffee, beloved coffee – 0.25. Kids are both fighting a cold, so last night found me dancing from room to room getting little people back to sleep. Poor little boopers. Don’t get me wrong, I adore a snuggle with little people, but Lordy I’d be toast without the coffee this morning.

Breakfast – ($1.06) Four HB eggs (total) for the adults for $0.56. Kids had cheerios with milk (.50)

Lunch/Snack: $2.70 – Katie’s lunch, apple juice box (.15), cheesy crackers for snack (.10), PB&J sandwich (.30), and two all natural, no preservatives added cookies (.15). Robbie had more leftover chicken corn soup for lunch ($0), I went with some leftover salmon from yesterday. Hubby brown-bagged it with two oranges (.70), and some leftover salmon & mushroom risotto ($0.0). Kids had more sliced apple for a snack in the afternoon ($1.30) – I think all of the fruit is helping their colds. Good stuff.

Dinner: Beef Ravioli: $4.69 -(25 oz bag for $2.50), went from frozen to boiled in no time, topped with Muir Glen Organic Marinara Sauce for $1.19, topped with parmesan cheese (.25), side of garlic bread ($.25) and a side salad (0.50). Can I please tell you, the kitchen smelled FABULOUS.

Evening Snack: Bring on the popcorn! Woo Hoo! (.35). And yes, I’m two-fisting it as I type. (1/4 cup popped into 6 cups), topped with ¼ stick of butter (.20).

One day soon I’m doing a fabulous beef & bean soup recipe sent in from J in Lancaster County. Keep those fantastic recipes coming, everybody! K