Amelia’s Grocery Outlet
Day 6 Total: $16.98 Total for Month: $63.74.

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! Day 6 is finito, we’re closing in on a full week of frugal fabulousness. I’m thrilled at all of the feedback from everybody checking in, including now no less than 26 recipes, many of which I have GOT to try over the course of the month! Thanks so much, guys!

Here’s today’s Menu:
My beloved coffee – 0.25. And a big shout out to all the other Moms & Dads getting little people thru a rotten cold, unite! Poor little guys. I think we’re on the tail end of it over here tho. This upcoming weekend will be great for helping them some extra sleep too.

Breakfast – ($1.48) Four HB eggs (total) for the adults for $0.56. Kids had cinnamon whole wheat toast (.25) (VERY light sugar), and one pound of sliced apples (.67).

Lunch/Snack: $2.70 – Katie’s lunch, apple juice box (.15), her beloved cheesy crackers for snack (.10), ham roll ups (.50), and two all natural, no preservatives added cookies (.15). Robbie had more leftover chicken corn soup for lunch, he’s loving it, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I say! ($0). I’m going to freeze the rest of it, there’s a TON left!
Lunch for me was raviolis from last night and some reheated coffee from this morning. Hubby brown-bagged it with a pound of apples (.66), and lots of leftover ravioli ($0.0). Kids had more sliced apple for a snack in the afternoon ($0.67).

Dinner: $11.55 — Okay, yup, blew today’s budget right out of the water, BUT did so with a solid plan to bring the daily average back in line. Also, given some lower totals in days past, I could splurge a bit without torpedoing the total for the month too badly. Went with a 7+ pound Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster at $1.29/pound ($9.16 total), Au Gratin Potatoes (.65) and a side salad (.50).
With the cake completely devoured in the last few days, I bought some “Back To Nature” Peanut Butter cookies for .99, and only ¼ of the box was consumed for 0.25.

Evening Snack: (0.35) More popcorn! ¼ cup popped into 6 cups, with ¼ stick of butter melted on top.

So there we have it, managed today for $16.83, total for the month is $63.59. I know the daily budget of $9.67 should only have me spending $58.02 by the end of the day today, so I’m currently over budget by more than $5, BUT the Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster has loads of meat left on it for dinner tomorrow, AND for making soup on Saturday, so costs are going to come back down nicely over the next few days. Watch & see, and keep those great ideas coming! Frugal On!