Total for today: $5.56, Total for Month: $69.15!

A very Happy Friday shout out to fabulous frugal friends! Okay, sure, we got a touch of snow here this morning, but just enough to make it beautiful (and yes, slow your morning commute to 5 mph… but HEY, shake it off, it’s Friday)! Time for serious snacking and quality time with the TiVo.

This first week of the January Challenge has been a BLAST – so much amazing feedback from everyone, and I’m LOVING the recipes!

Here’s the end-of-the-week breakdown.
Day 7 Total: $5.56, Total for Month: $69.30

HUGE batch of morning coffee for me, and me alone – 0.25.
Breakfast – ($1.06) Four HB eggs (total) for the adults, $0.56. Kids had cheerios w/milk (.50).

Lunch/Snack: $2.65 – Katie’s lunch, mandarin orange juice box (.15), her beloved cheesy crackers for snack (.10), ham roll ups again (.50), and two all natural, no preservatives added cookies (.15). Robbie had leftover chicken for lunch with sliced apple ($.33).

Lunch for me was a chicken leg from last night and some reheated coffee from this morning. Hubby brown-bagged it with a pound of fruit (.66), and some leftover chicken made into chicken salad ($0.10, for mayo). Kids had more sliced apple for a snack in the afternoon, and I joined in, so it was a pound of fruit total ($0.66).

Dinner: $ 1.25. Okay, this is SO my kind of dinner total – baked chicken leftovers from last night’s dinner, perfect with some pilaf (0.25) and a side salad (.50) to go with it. To celebrate the snow, I made another cake w/buttercream icing, for a total of $2. History tells me a cake this size should last four days, so I’m costing that out at .50/day.

Evening Snack: (0.35) More popcorn! I’m now officially addicted to popcorn. ¼ cup popped into 6 cups, with ¼ stick of butter melted on top.

So there we have it, managed today for $5.56, total for the month is $69.15. keep those great ideas coming! Frugal On, and have a great weekend!