Brilliant Frugal Living
Hey gang! Got snow? Yeah, us too. Soup to the rescue!

Day 11 Total: $4.99, Total for Month: $100.92!

Cliff Notes on today’s menu:
Coffee: (0.25). Back to snickerkicker. LOVE. Today was almost more about being able to wrap my freezing cold hands around a warm mug! Aaaahhh.

Breakfast – ($1.47) — four HB eggs total for the adults (0.56), and a pound of sliced apples (.66) with cinnamon toast (.25) for the kids.

Kids’ Lunch: ($0.95) – Katie’s lunch, mandarin orange juice box (.15), gluten free pretzels for snack (.05), cheese sandwich (.50), and two organic cookies (.15). Robbie had leftover soup again with a bite of sliced apple (.10). He loves the soup, and we’ve got buckets of it. I love that combination.

Adult lunch: (.66) Soup for me (free, and I feel like I’m fighting some kind of bug, so I wasn’t that hungry anyway), and leftover salmon w/risotto for hubby at work, along with a huge apple (.66).

Afternoon Snack – ($0.66) kids snacked on more apples.

Dinner: ($1). Soup again. I’m definitely fighting something. I hate illness, it so brings out my inner whiny wimp. Served the soup with a salad for others (.50), and one more portion of cake left, so we had an easy dessert too. Bonus. Rah. (.50)

Evening Snack: This should tell you something – I’m so nauseous I don’t even want my popcorn. Now we know it’s serious. Bleah.
So, in a nutshell, did today for $4.99, total for the month is $100.92!

Have a great night, everybody! Stay well!