HI all! Hope your day was fabulous and your snow totals (if you’re anywhere near Philadelphia) were light! Lots of two hour school delays around here, I wimped out & kept Katie at home with me. Fabulous day for hanging out in the kitchen with little people! Made a big batch of (40) sugar cookies for 2.00! With any luck, (read: if I stay out of the cookie jar), they’ll last for four days.

Day 12 Total: $9.00, Total for Month: $109.92!

Today’s Snow-Day (I’d rather be BAKING than COOKING) Menu:

Morning Coffee: (0.25). Hazelnut. And lots of it. Wrapping my hands around a huge mug of this stuff first thing in the morning is fabulous aromatherapy.

Breakfast – ($1.32) — eggs all around! Two HB packed into hubby’s bag for work, and six scrambled for me to eat with the kids at home. Kids had toast too. Mom had more coffee.

Kids’ Lunch: ($0.0) – We all went with the last of the soup, SO easy, and perfect on a wintery snowy, Mom-feels-like-a-lazy-slob kind of day.

Adult lunch: (0.70) – Yup, soup for adults too. Heats easily at work for Victor, and super easy at home. He also brought a pound of apples with him to snack on. (.70)

Afternoon Snack – ($1) kids and I snacked on a total of one pound apples and one pound of bananas.

Dinner: ($5.38). In an attempt to escape the winter terrain culinary style, I went Mexican for dinner. Fabulous stuff, I haven’t done that for ages, and the kids loved it! Garden of Eatin blue corn organic tacos (.99), filled with seasoned ground beef (1.50), shredded cheddar cheese (1.79), beans (.50), shredded lettuce (.10), salsa, you name it. Best of all, loads of leftovers. Sugar cookies for dessert! (.50)

Evening Snack: (.35) Back into the popcorn! Awesome. ¼ cup of popcorn popped into around 6 cups, topped with ¼ stick of butter.
Total for today: $9.00, total for the month is $109.92!
Have a great night, everybody! Stay well!