Happy Friday, everyone! What a fabulous day. Today I had the pleasure of touring the Amelia’s Grocery Outlet in Woodlyn with my Mom – I hadn’t realized how close it is to my folks! Many thanks to Darryl, Joanne, and Store Manager Mike Irwin for taking the time to chat on such a busy day!

Nothing too exotic planned for the weekend, so I’m keeping things simple, meal-wise. Numbers are exactly where I want them (actually, we’ve got some wiggle room here, so I’m thrilled), so I can pretty much do whatever I want this weekend to keep things easy. WOO HOO!

Day 14 Total: $10.43, Total for Month: $127.79!

Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.25). Was in the mood for some Gingerbread coffee today. Have you ever tried this stuff? It is fantastic.

Breakfast – ($1.66) — four HB eggs total (0.56) for Victor and I (he brought his to work), and the kids had cinnamon whole wheat toast with sliced apples ($1.10)

Kids’ Lunch: ($0.15) – Katie had a day off of school today (Teacher’s in service day today, AND she’s off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, great stuff!), so she enjoyed some leftover ham & potatoes with her brother, with a juice box.

Adult lunch: (0.70) – Victor brought some Ham & Potatoes to work with him as well as some apples (.70). I had some leftover coffee from this morning.

Afternoon Snack – ($1) The apples & bananas are doing the trick. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Easy, healthy. Love it.

Dinner: ($6.32). Time for some fun, and I’m in the mood for some Chinese Food. Tai Pei General Tso’s chicken for adults (2.29), with extra rice on the side (.25), and Pork Egg Rolls ($1.50/6). So easy to make, and totally hit the spot! Kids went with slightly less exotic food – spaghetti with marinara sauce ($.59 for a pound of pasta, and 1.19 for Muir Glen organic marinara sauce). Everybody had sugar cookies for dessert (.50). And can I tell ya, even with monster Friday night appetites, I’ve got a mountain of leftovers. So sweet for the weekend.

Evening Snack: (.35) ¼ cup of popcorn popped into around 6 cups, topped with ¼ stick of melted butter. I’m kind of amazed how fast I’m going thru this bag! Sheesh! (luckily, I have more ready to go…)

Total for today: $10.43, total for the month is $127.79!
Can you have your Friday Night Chinese Food nosh, and be frugal too? You know it! Have a great weekend, everybody!