Hi guys! Well, the snow kept Katie home from school today (Robbie was delighted), so the day became a bit of a blur of Go Fish games, coloring books and a Toy Story 3 marathon, but still managed to get a couple of things done. Updated the website, confirmed a couple more speaking engagements. It’s all good! If you’re anywhere near the East Coast, WHAT is with the ICE?! Is it Springtime yet??

Day 18 Total: $9.68, Total for Month: $167.36!
Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.50). Still on the double batches – both kids have colds, which is making for rough nights for them, followed by ugly mornings for yours truly. Poor little boopers. Coffee might not be a nice smushy pillow with soothing music lulling me off to sleep, but it’s a nice 2nd place.

Breakfast: ($1.56) — Four HB eggs for the adults (two each), Cheerios with milk for little people ($1)

Kids’ Lunch: ($0.0) Kids are both home, so they had the leftover chicken & corn from last night.

Adults’ Lunch ($0.70): Leftovers for the adults too – salmon & green beans (Victor brought his to work, along with two big apples, about a pound, $0.70)

Afternoon Snack – ($1.00) More apples & bananas. Life’s good, and it’s a perfect tide-me-over snack for little people.

Dinner: ($5.57) – Huge batch of spinach tortellini with cheese (no preservatives or artificial coloring, LOVE that stuff!), comes in a 1-pound package ($1.39 each), I boiled two packages to ensure leftovers, topped the tortellini with Organic Muir Glen Marinara Sauce ($1.19), parmesan cheese, added a side salad (.50), and baked a gorgeous Simple Sweets Berry Pie for dessert. The berry pie ($1.19) is small, only 4 servings, but only the adults are into it, so the kids had cookies (.25). There will be leftover pie for tomorrow night, so I’m only counting $.60 of the pie’s cost tonight.

Evening Snack: (.35) Popcorn is ON, I’m eating it as I type this.

Total for today: $9.68, total for the month is $167.36!
Off to chill with my good friend TiVo (here’s hoping the kids get more sleep tonight). Night, all!