Hey all! Well, it’s official, both kids have some sort of bug. They’re being total sports about it, downside is they both inherited a solid right hook when it comes to me trying to give them a spoonful of medicine to bring their fevers down. Can I blame them, this stuff is just ridiculously BAD. “Grape” flavored? Sheah, maybe if the grape was sitting at the bottom of a corn whisky jar for a month! Bleah.

Ended up mixing the fever reducer with a grape juice box, barely did the trick. Hitting the pediatrician’s office in the a.m., hoping they get some sleep tonight. What is WITH the bugs hitting little people nowadays – poor boopers!

Day 19 Total: $7.84, Total for Month: $175.20!

Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.50). Double batch of coffee is now my standard modus operandi, at least until the kids bounce back from this bug. If they ever invent a coffee blend that eliminates under eye circles, I’m selling everything I have to invest in it. I look like Morticia Adams’ before photo at this point.

Breakfast: ($1.16) — Four HB eggs for the adults (two each, .56 total), Kids aren’t really hungry, but they shared a big apple (cut into slices) and some cinnamon toast (.60).

Kids’ Lunch: ($0.15) Kids had a bit more appetite for lunch, so they ate some of the leftover spinach tortellini with some organic marinara sauce on it. They also worked thru a grape juice box when they needed to have their fever medicine in the morning & afternoon. Poor little guys. (.15)

Adults’ Lunch ($0.40): Leftover tortellini for adults too. Easy, and we had lots to go around. Also sent bananas to work with Victor (.40)

Afternoon Snack – ($.40) Little ones weren’t too interested in fruit, but they each had a little bowl of applesauce.

Dinner: ($4.23) – Time for some serious chicken soup therapy. I sauteed half pound of chicken breasts ($1, +.25 for olive oil), then rough-chopped them up into cubes, put them in a pot with one can of corn (.33), one cup of brown rice (.15), four cups of organic chicken broth ($2), ¼ tsp of black pepper, put on low boil for 30 mins, pureed half of it in the food processor, then re-added it to the soup pot (adds great texture & body to the soup). Added a salad for adults (.50). Now THIS meal got devoured. Little boopers ate two big bowls each, adults ate a lot too. There’s enough leftover for lunch tomorrow, but that’s about it. Both kids fell completely asleep within 30 minutes of eating it. That’s my kind of soup.

Evening Snack: (1.00) Popcorn is ON, I’m being a total slob & I added more butter. Yeah, yeah, so sue me. It’s been a rough day. Victor is starting to like the organic jalapeno chips, ate half a bag tonight while he was upstairs on the computer.

Total for today: $7.84, total for the month is $175.20!

Keep your fingers crossed that munchkins sleep thru the night. If not, NO worries, there’s always Industrial-strength Hazelnut ready in the percolator for tomorrow! Night, everybody!