Hey guys! Is it snowing in your neck of the woods yet? Here at Casa Frugal, everybody is sleeping as I’m waiting to see snow thru the window. Can I tell you, little people are my heroes. Today’s Doctor’s appointment revealed that Katie has pneumonia (@#%@&@#%!), and Robbie is still sacked with a rotten cold & fever. Poor boopers! And can I make this plea? Somebody out there PLEASE invent an orange-flavored fever reducer that actually TASTES like orange. ‘Cause this stuff I’m working with here?? Bleah to the nth degree.

Day 20 Total: $6.03, Total for Month: $181.23!

Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.50). Yup, double batch of coffee. If my coffeemaker ever conks out, I’m just chewing on the grounds. No worries.

Breakfast: ($1.00) — Eggs for the adults, and little people really weren’t hungry, just some applesauce for them with a bite of toast.

Everybody’s Lunch: ($0.00) There was enough chicken corn soup leftover from last night for everybody to eat, worked really well. I probably better make more before the weekend.

Afternoon Snack – ($.50) More applesauce. Apparently, chewing fruit is just way too much effort, poor guys. God bless applesauce.

Dinner: ($3.03) – Kept it simple for dinner, just some more pasta marinara (.59 for pasta, $1.19 for organic sauce, .25 for parmesan), the kids liked it, it was easy on little people’s tummies, and it was super fast. Added a salad for the adults (.50) and some garlic bread (.50), and it did the trick.

Evening Snack: (1.00) Popcorn (yes, with extra butter, now the norm…heh heh heh) is now my standard sign off to the day. Eating it right now. Fab. Significant others snacked on the rest of the back of organic jalapeno chips. Totally gone. Everybody’s a winner.

Total for today: $6.03, total for the month is $181.23!
Munchkins are still sleeping – they are SO tired! Keep fingers crossed that we knock this illness out pronto, Tonto. Have a great night, everybody!