Hey all! HAPPY FRIDAY! Way to make it thru another week. I hope you all have fabulous plans for the weekend.

Not too much to report, I didn’t make it out grocery shopping today (you SO do not want to see me on the roads after it snows…). Also, EVERYBODY is home & under the weather at this point (except me, knock wood knock wood knock wood, as I pound the Vitamin C!) so I’m sticking with not only super easy meals, but working with items I already have in the house for menu planning. Could be an interesting weekend! 🙂

Day 21 Total: $10.48, Total for Month: $191.71!

Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.50). Still going with double batches of coffee. In fact, it’s becoming so the norm that I’m periodically reminding myself that it IS a double batch. Scary.

Breakfast: ($3.00) — Bacon & Scrambled eggs for adults, bacon & toast for little people (they’re not really egg fans yet).

Everybody’s Lunch: ($2.84) The soup seems to be hitting the spot, so I made some more – I browned one pound of hamburger ($1.50) in a skillet with a tablespoon of minced garlic (.05), then drained it off. In a soup pot, I put one pound of cleaned & soaked lentils (.99) with one finely chopped carrot (.05), 6 cups of water, and the browned hamburger. Brought it up to a boil, then turned it to lowest setting for 45 minutes. Pureed half of it in the food processor, then added it back to the pot to give the soup some extra thickness. Everybody loved it, and it made a TON. The adults ate it straight, but the kids wouldn’t dig in until I pureed their portions & served them over whole wheat noodles (.25). Works for me! Hey, if they’re happy, I’m happy.

Afternoon Snack – ($.50) Applesauce is the snack of choice for little people who are fighting bad colds. Easy, quick, healthy. I’m totally in.

Dinner: ($3.14) – Simple is the name of the game while everybody is getting back on their feet, and little people are being such troopers I’m playing private chef and catering to their every adorable whim. Katie wanted macaroni & cheese for dinner (.40, plus .20 for butter & milk to prepare), and Robbie loves it too, so we went with that. The adults had Tai Pei Teriaki Chicken ($2.29), plus an additional bowl of rice (.25). Nice way to start the weekend!

Evening Snack: (.50) Popcorn with extra butter in one hand, TiVo remote in the other! NOW, it’s officially the weekend. Yeah, baby.

Total for today: $10.48, total for the month is $191.71!
Have a fantastic Friday night, everybody!