Hey all! Greetings on an unbelievably cold Saturday. Got Katie signed up for t-ball today tho, the uniforms are going to be SO CUTE! Can’t wait for summer!

Still didn’t make it out grocery shopping today, but I better get it in gear prior to the next snow, which I think is expected on Wednesday. Bleah. I think I’ll get some fun baking project stuff for the kids in case school is off for the day. I’ve got about a billion sprinkles of various colors, so I’m thinking we’ll go with cupcakes one day this week.

Day 22 Total: $6.50, Total for Month: $198.21!

Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.50). Kids are still spending good amounts of the night awake (poor boopers are still getting over wretched colds, and in Katie’s case, pneumonia!) , so, I’m spending good amounts of the day obnoxiously caffeinated. Coffee… it does a heart rate good!

Breakfast: ($1.06) — Nobody has much of an appetite. My main appetite is for caffeine. But the adults had two eggs apiece (easy hard boiled ones). For the kids, I sliced down a huge apple for the kids to enjoy with some cinnamon toast.

Everybody’s Lunch: ($0.0) Forget diamonds, it’s leftovers that are THIS girl’s best friend. Kids had macaroni & cheese leftover from last night, adults had leftover Teriaki Chicken. Works for me!

Afternoon Snack – ($.50) More applesauce for little people. It’s easy, and it’s agreeing with them as they fight off their various little bugs. Echinacea tea is the snack of choice for adults. Cheers!

Dinner: ($3.94) – More easy meals, pretty please (so long as they’re moderately healthy). As easy as it is to open a can or box, at this point I’m so whipped I’m preferring somebody invent a food product that jumps out of the container, heats itself in the microwave, shows up on a nice plate (with cutlery) at the table, and disposes of itself in the trash when I’m done with it. After finding out (via Google) that no such food yet exists, I went with beef filled ravioli (2.50 for a 25 oz container in the frozen food section, super easy to boil up), served with organic marinara sauce ($1.19), topped with sprinkle of parmesan cheese (.25). Nobody really had dessert, unless honey lemon cough drops count. At this point, I’m saying “no”. 🙂

Evening Snack: (.50) I could have the plague, and I’m still going to want popcorn at night. Anybody ever tries to alter that routine, and I see myself snapping like Raymond in “Rain Man” when he doesn’t have enough fish sticks on his plate. Enjoy the visual.

Total for today: $6.50, total for the month is $198.21!
Have a great Saturday night, everybody!